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Intrusion Upon The Seclusion Of Another

In Nevada, the elements for a claim of invasion of privacy by intrusion upon the seclusion of another are:

1.         An intentional intrusion (physical or otherwise);

2.         On the solitude or seclusion of another;

3.         That would be highly offensive to a reasonable person; and

4.         Causation and damages.

Kuhn v. Account Control Technology, Inc., 865 F.Supp. 1443, 1448 (D. Nev. 1994); People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals v. Bobby Berosini, Ltd., 895 P.2d 1269, 1278 (Nev. 1995); M & R Investment Co. v. Mandarino, 103 Nev. 711, 748 P.2d 488, 493 (1987).